A. General Composure

  1. Maintain a pleasant and casual atmosphere. Be respectful and use common sense. Excessive swearing, rudeness and harassment are not tolerated.
  2. Do not spam. This includes sending multiple messages in a short time, repeatedly sending the same message, or sending one or more excessively long messages.
  3. Do not link to or post any of the following:
    • Objectionable material, which includes but is not limited to pornography, viruses, phishing sites and hate groups;
    • Personally identifying information of other users;
    • Other servers, public or private, that are not part of the VoiceMC, except in a private message to a player that requests it.
  4. Do not impersonate any member of the VoiceMC staff, or claim to be a staff member. Impersonation may result in an immediate permanent ban.
  5. Follow any directions given by VoiceMC staff members. If you believe a staff member has acted unreasonably, please contact an administrator.
  6. Be a good sport - terms such as 'eZ' and 'L' are not acceptable

Note: If you are concerned about content that may constitute as advertising, please clarify with a staff member before posting.

Note: Section A applies to all VoiceMC services.

B. Website Behaviour

  1. Do not make topics or posts aiming to insult or provoke other people or groups, and do not promote or encourage others to make such posts.
  2. Do not reply to topics with irrelevant, meaningless or spammy text or images.
  3. All personal issues must be dealt with in private. The public forums are not the place for personal conflicts.
  4. Criticism of the work of others, both the network and the wider community, must be delivered with politeness and personal respect.
  5. Do not make topics just to announce that you are quitting the game or the server. Exceptions may be made at senior staff discretion.
  6. Announcements about dramatic events affecting yourself or others must include a verifiable source for the information. If the story cannot be easily verified, the topic may be removed. Contact a senior staff member if you would like your verification to remain private.
  7. Do not reply to a topic that you feel is violating the rules, submit a report instead.
  8. Topics should be posted in the correct subforum. Non-VoiceMC-related content should be posted in Off Topic.

C. Discord Rules

  1. Stay on-topic within channels. Low quality and non-VoiceMC-related content belongs in #off-topic.
  2. Do not add any bots without permission.
  3. Do not use any voice effects or play music through your client.

Note: The rules listed in the #welcome channel also apply to the Discord server.

D. Server Behavior

  1. Do not send messages that encourage other players into leaving a team or disconnecting from the server.
  2. You may not use any form of in game chat to solicit. Any account that is determined to be for the sole use of soliciting will be permanently banned without warning.
  3. The /report command should be used to alert the staff to rulebreakers. Publicly accusing other players of hacking and encouraging others to report a specific player, except to explain the process, are not allowed.
  4. Your username and skin must be appropriate. Accounts with an inappropriate username or skin will be banned until the username or skin is changed.
  5. Do not abuse glitches. This includes, but is not limited to, placing blocks in areas restricted by the plugin to walk in and creating an "x-ray" effect.
  6. Players may not spawn camp, which is defined as any of the following:
    • Killing more than 5 players directly out of their spawns within a three minute time period, unless the player has entered combat;
    • Directly attacking the enemy spawn, which includes but isn’t limited to the use of TNT, lava, or any other harmful material.
  7. Observers may never give tactical information to players or intentionally disrupt gameplay. Tactical information includes, but is not limited to:
    • Revealing the locations of players;
    • Revealing the status of any objective.

Note: All chat messages and commands are logged.

Note: You may link to your VoiceMC-related livestream, so long as you don’t spam it.

Note: Spawn camping rules do not apply on Conquer gamemodes (TDM, KotH, CtP, Blitz), CTF, KotF or Payload

E. Client Modifications

  1. Any client modifications or external tools that give an unfair advantage over vanilla users are prohibited.
  2. The following modifications are explicitly permitted during gameplay:
    • OptiFine
    • ArmorStatusHUD / StatusEffectHUD
    • LabyMod (v2.6 and above)
    • Minimaps which do not show player or entity positions and which do not provide an underground map
    • Togglesprint, as long as you can only sprint when moving forwards
    • Togglesneak, as long as you are not able to sneak while chatting or looking in inventories
  3. You are only allowed to use one button, with one finger, to make one click. Anything else (e.g. autoclickers) is prohibited.
  4. Any client modifications or external tool which allows you to download maps is prohibited.
  5. If you are unsure if a mod is allowed, contact a senior staff member for confirmation before using it.

Note: Additional mods installed through LabyMod must follow rule E1.

Note: Observers are not bound to these restrictions unless they become a disturbance to other players.

Note: These restrictions also apply to all players in lobbies at all times.

F. Team Griefing

  1. Team griefing is prohibited and is defined as any reckless or intentional action that harms your own team.
  2. The following actions are explicitly defined as team griefing:
    • Placing and/or setting off TNT near teammates or key team infrastructure (e.g. defences or armour supplies) within your own base;
    • Destroying your own team's chests or crafting tables;
    • Teamkilling (including, but not limited to, removing blocks from beneath a person to cause them to fall, or pushing teammates off of the world);
    • Aiding or working together with a member of the other team.
  3. The following actions are considered reckless and may result in a warning or punishment:
    • Placing unprotected TNT, especially building TNT towers, in your own base;
    • Using or modifying a TNT cannon built by another player without their permission;
    • Taking all or almost all of the wool in a Capture the Wool map out of a wool room, unless there is only one wool left in that wool room;
    • Placing blocks beneath you while running on your own team’s side.
  4. Any actions that are not listed here that hinder your team’s progress towards winning the match, deliberate or not, still fall under "team griefing" and may be dealt with as such.

Note: Players are NEVER permitted to team grief, even in retaliation to another team griefer.

G. Consequences

  1. Players may receive an infraction for breaking any of the rules above.
  2. The severity of the infraction is usually based on the player’s previous infractions.
  3. Particularly serious or blatant rule violation, including but not limited to using a hacking client on the servers, or persistently team griefing despite moderator intervention, will result in an immediate permanent ban without warning.
  4. Players with multiple warnings for breaking the same or multiple rules may be temporarily banned without notice.
  5. Ban evasion is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban for all alternate accounts associated with the evading player. The alternate accounts will not be unbanned once the original ban expires or is successfully appealed, and the original ban may be extended up to thrice its original length (e.g. 1 week ban becomes up to a 3 week ban).
  6. Persistent ban evasion will result in a permanent ban for all accounts.
  7. Players violating the rules on any VoiceMC service, including the game servers, the forums and Discord, may be banned from any or all of the services.
  8. All infractions may be contested by filing an appeal.
  9. Any player that knowingly gives false information in an appeal, report or application may be permanently banned.

Note: All infractions are subject to staff discretion.

H. Miscellaneous

  1. These rules are subject to change with notice.
  2. Players are responsible for keeping up with rule changes.
  3. There is a one week grace period for rule changes.
  4. The VoiceMC Administration reserves the right to ban or unban any player from any or all VoiceMC services for any reason without notice.