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4 months ago
Stacked Mobs Issues

I’m on my phone so I’m sorry for any auto corrects.

(this is my opinion as a player not as a staff member)

For passive mobs I’m sure that if you shear a stacked sheep it drops wool multipled by stack, this happens to chickens where they drop the amount of eggs. But for the strongest horse I’m sure that not really important and if it was you could suggest making horses no longer stack.

Saying that iron golem farms are much slower is kinda just a guess. I have 6 iron golem spawners and them stacking helps a lot with the spawn rates. I’ve sold over 700k+ iron ingots (basically close to maxing the shop). 

Mob stacking helps a lot with the spawn rates of the server. Also with server lag, at the moment with the way the server is going it’s like the players actually want lag with clear lag removed and mob stacking removed.

Losing a few levels, drops, mcmmo levels are much better than a massive amount of players hypothetically dying due to lag.

Edit: as for the stackable damage of mobs 1hitting you I’m sure the devs can disable that instead of remove the whole plugin 

4 months ago
XP Boosts

Suggestion Title: mcmmo/jobs/enchanting xp boost 
Area of Change:Towny
General Description

make it so players can buy global xp boosts off fhe buycraft and self xp boosts in game. With the GUI. Xp boosts are basically where it multiples the do earnt.


4 months ago

Suggestion Title:. MyPets
Area of Change: Towny
General Description: Mypets is a plugin to get pets and is completely configureable with pets that can hold items, pets that attack. and they different mobs have different skills that are completely customizable.

4 months ago
Inactive lockette

Suggestion Title: Inactive Lockette
Area of Change: Towny
General Description: if a player is inactive for a set amount of time. players would be able to open his chests. instead of calling a staff member to break the signs (this would help with fallen towns but won't help with active players that left a town and forgot to break the signs)

4 months ago
1.14 update to avoid loss of map/items

Suggestion Title: new warp for 1.14
Area of Change: Towny
General Description: Make a /warp 1.14 which is a world with 1.14 biomes/etc so we wouldn't need to reset the world.