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5 months ago
CreatedShadow's YouTube Media Application

1. IGN: CreatedShadow

2. Discord: CreatedShadow#6940

3. Channel/Profile URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLiJMZ6X88vH_jNp9qvT6cw?view_as=subscriber

4. Non-Paid follower/subscriber amount: 622

5. Average viewers/views per stream/video: My average viewers would amount to about 25 a video.

6. Link to a VOD/video you streamed/recorded on VoiceMC:  I have not made a video yet. I am awaiting approval of this application to dedicate a video to the server.

6.A. (Twitch & Mixer Only) Timestamp(s) from when playing on VoiceMC: 

7. Links to any other Social Media(s): twitch.tv/fusionfireofficial

8. Have you ever been punished on VoiceMC: I have not been punished.

8.A. (Only if the answer to question 8 was yes) What were you punished for and why:

9. Have you donated to VoiceMC in the past: I have not. I may / plan to in the future, though.

10. How often do you plan to make content for VoiceMC: If my application is approved, I would be down for doing a weekly series.