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Media/Twitch Application


Hello my name is Tanner Ewing, otherwise known as GT_IS_BAD_AZZ for minecraft or TeeTime2T for twitch. I am applying for the Twitch rank because I would love to play on here regularly. My age is 20 and I attend the University of West Georgia. I am a junior in college. I already have been streaming this server and I average 3-8 viewers every stream. I have 137 followers as I come to make this application. Unfortunalty, I am not able to have a streaming schedule due to my job. My job is a zipline tour guide at Banning Mills. A little bit of back ground is "Dad" aka NoVoiceChanger found me in a game of CS:GO. Since then, I have been active in his stream as well. Other than playing on your server, I can insure you at least 3 or more people that will be new. I want NoVoiceChanger to grow just as much as you do. I believe he "recruited the correct person chat" as he once said in his stream.

Thank you for reading this Application of mine and I am looking to hear back from you soon!




1. IGN: GT_IS_BAD_AZZ aka (TeeTime2T/Twitch)

2. Discord: GT#3597

3. Channel/Profile URL: https://www.twitch.tv/teetime2t

4. 137 Followers

5. 3-8 Average Viewers

6. VOD coming soon! I have to turn it on.


7. Twitter: https://twitter.com/time2_t

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tanner_ewing_24/

8. No

9. No, Most likely will donate when money comes!

10. Everyday or everyother day as I can!