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4 months ago
Stacked Mobs Issues

Suggestion Title: Stacked Mob Issues
Area of Change: Towny
General Description: I noticed a couple things Involving Stacked mobs That are either Broken or aren't enabled. I personally think it might be better to get rid of it all together.

Stacked mobs is cheating you out of Mobs, Experience, The Hunter job, Mob Drops, Mcmmo Experience, Take Longer to kill, and They are Much Much more deadlier to you then you are to them.

When mobs Gather together they join into one and you are no longer able to fight or deal damage to multiple mobs, Just the 1 infront of you. This Greatly slows down the ability to kill mobs because mobs hide behind one another.

While You have to deal with mobs that dont take shared damage while they deal shared damage to you, 15+ Stacked mobs being able to nearly or even one shot you and you still have to kill them one at a time inorder to get rid of them. Some people believe that You do deal damage to the stack of mobs all together yet that doesnt quite work

When a 23 Stacked mob dies instead of going to 22 it goes down radomly to something along the lines as 16 which you would think your dealing damage to the whole stack, but this is not the case due to getting the same drop results as just killing 1 mob, and same xp of 1 mob, and same Mcmmo xp amount. This Majorly ups the difficulty in killing mobs and having the hunter job since they seem to despawn from stacks, being unable to kill 10 zombies because they stacked up and only were able to kill 3 while being in huge danger since they deal collective damage against you.

For Passive mobs its rather Difficult to Shear Sheep when there stacked. and to find the best horse when there stacked aswell. Iron golem farms are so much longer aswell when they stack and die one by one to lava.

This is Why i believe Stacked mobs should be scrapped