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6 months ago
Media/Twitch Application

Application accepted.

I'll message you on discord.

6 months ago
CreatedShadow's YouTube Media Application

Application accepted.

I'll message you on discord.

6 months ago
Media/Twitch Application

Holding off on this until vod is uploaded.

Saw him on the server before he started saving vods. Spent about 20 minutes struggling to get them to save. It was a hilarious 20 minutes.

6 months ago

Pretty sure this has already been implemented?

@Plysm can confirm.

6 months ago
Builder Application Format

Before starting this application, please make sure you are familiar with the rules and have been active on the server recently. You will be contacted on discord if you were successful or not with your application. Please give up to a week for us to get back to you.

The title of your application should be your minecraft name and the position you are applying for. (eg Bicca - Helper)

Minecraft Name: 
Discord Name: 

What servers have you built on or for in the past?

What skills and styles do you have that would set your builds apart from anyone else's?

How long do you spend on the server a week (On average)?

How proficient are you using World Edit?

How proficient are you using Voxel Sniper?

How proficient are you using World painter?

What building styles are you most comfortable with?

Are you more comfortable taking on big projects or smaller ones?

How well can you build to a set theme?

Are you confident at building to set deadlines?

Please link your PlanetMinecraft account and portfolio

Any feedback or other information?


RULES: https://voicemc.net/forum/view/5-rules/
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wVBV7B3