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4 months ago
jbzommer hacking with xray

Dear Pixelmon1128. Your review is currently under review. We'll come back to you as soon as we change the status of your report.


Kind regards,

Staff Manager Hypax.

5 months ago
Sell All Button In Shop

Meh. Are you sure that would be good? Sell all items (in inventory) is not such a great idea in my opinion. But lets leave it to Community Management - we'll make a vote in our staff team! ;)

5 months ago
Server Rules


  1. Be kind and respectful to all players.
    1. We have a zero tolerance policy to racism, sexism and general discriminatory language. Repeat offenses may result in a temporary mute or permanent ban.
  2. Any threats to an individual or community will lead to a swift and permanent ban. We're all down to have a laugh but if things go too far we will intervene.
    1. This includes DDoS, Swatting and other personal attacks of such nature.
  3. No hacked clients, cheats, macros or third-party applications or tools that give any in-game advantage.
    1. This includes x-ray resource packs. Anything believed to be acquired through hacking will be removed.
  4. Admins and above have the final say in the interpretation of any rule listed or not listed in this thread.
  5. Don't encourage others to break the rules.
  6. Attempting to avoid punishment will lead to harsher punishment.
  7. No asking for OP, ranks or items.
  8. No laggy builds.
  9. Purposely false reports are not allowed.


  1. Raiding and griefing is allowed under certain conditions.
    1. You may not alter any building, plot, or town that does not belong to you without consent, this includes town members and non-town members. The alterations include but are not limited to:
      • Placing or destroying blocks.
      • Placing or dropping any unwanted items in hoppers or pipes.
      • Claiming a plot without the consent of the mayor (Unless otherwise stated in the town rules).
      • Pushing people (while afk) out of their towns to kill them.
    2. If there are no claimable plots in a town it is presumed to be free reign for all town members, so they may not be punished (depending on severity). Additionally, unlocked chests in towns are presumed to be public so town members will not be punished for stealing from them.
      • If a town mayor has allowed outsiders to look into chests, toggle pressure plates/levers, etc. then it is at their own discretion. Any stolen items are purely their fault and will not be compensated.
    3. If a town is unable to pay for daily upkeep and falls, it's free reign. You may loot it, burn it down, blow it up, do as you please. As long as the town stands, leave it be. Similarly, if a chest or build is outside of a town and is unlocked it may be looted.
  2. No traps. Any trap in the towny server with the intention to harm and/or kill another player violates this rule.
    1. This includes:
      • Any redstone device that, once activated, harms a player.
      • A town spawn that intentionally does not allow for safe entry/exit.
      • Large holes that are not properly secured.
      • TP traps.


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