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5 months ago
Gamer Girl's Introduction

The dog aforementioned above is not mine; however he is moving at ludicrous speeds.

5 months ago
Gamer Girl's Introduction

DISCLAIMER : I Disagree with restricting our introductions with the format that has been required; therefore I will decline my compliance with these strict, tyranical-esk demands that are expected of us. 

Special Introduction (Required by Law) - My name GamerGirl and am not girl I like minecraft an I am cool and nice and alright to be with thank you for read introducing have a nice!

ASL : 19, Male, None Ya Business

Some questions you may have for me:

Q1: What am I doing with my life?

Answer: I'm currently in college majoring in the field of puppetry. Its a huge emerging market but I mainly chose it just to waste time and money as life has no purpose and began on accident by chance and we will all eventually be turned back to dust long before the universe's inevitable heat death.

Q2: Why am I here?

Answer: I stumbled upon voice's stream and fell in love with both his lack of personality and booksmarts. Ever since that fatefull evening I have been here living out my life as a normal dude I guess.

Q3: Can you don't?

Answer: Yes

Q4: Are hedgehogs nocturnal?

Answer: Yes, therefore the entire sonic saga has been debunked and proven to be manufactured. The day levels could not have taken place as hedgehogs spend most of their days slumbering in their underground burrows. Also not to mention the fact that hedgehogs are not known for their agility or being the color blue.

Q5: Why are you still reading my introduction? Do you really want to get to know me this badly?

Answer: I have no idea as to why you remain on this singular post several minutes after arriving. I wrote this at 3:00 AM because I was bored and didn't want to goto bed yet. Why are you still here? Theres nothing left. Seriously. You can leave now. I'm not trying to be rude please don't think that I am. I'm simply stating that you have my full concent to leave without reading the remainder of my introduction. Not that I had the authority to bind you to reading my literary works and needed to give concent for you to cease.

Final Remark: If there was one thing that I would have to say it would be. This (Its safe) (Click Me)

Also here is an image I enjoy

Dog At High Velocity